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Charlie The Unicorn

Charlie the Unicorn Goes to Candy Mountain

Series Animation (Flash), Comedy (Dry)
[ 3:46 - from YouTube ]

A curmudgeon unicorn named Charlie is persuaded to go on journeys to the elusive Candy Mountain, the temple of the Banana King, and the home of the Muffin Man. The magic of these shorts lies in watching an apathetic Charlie put up with his overly-caffeinated friends, dancing alphabets, and the promise of endless candy. Charlie the Unicorn will surely unite lovers and haters of unicorns.

Drew Blatman

eGuider: Drew Blatman
Filmmaker, Sunset Television

Drew is a writer, director, cinematographer, and co-creator of Sunset Television, a new online comedy show. He is currently pursuing his MFA in filmmaking at Columbia University.

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