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Day 9: Le River Rouge

Series Comedy (Dark Comedy), Drama & Genre (Soaps), Other Gems (Branded Entertainment)
[ 3:08 - from YouTube ]

Teenager Zack Johnson wakes one morning to find his "guy parts" have turned into girl parts. He still looks like a guy, except for what's beneath his school uniform trousers. The school nurse and Zack's best friend are no help, and meanwhile Zack still has a mad crush on his female classmate Chelsea. What sounds like a silly comedy is actually a rather dark, angst-ridden series with some nice performances. 

Varlo Vanore

eGuider: Varlo Vanore
Writer, Musician

Varlo Vanore is a writer, musician and tech geek. She geeks out in Hollywood doing post-production and special effects for music videos, films and DVDs. Her clients include Mariah Carey, The Police Reunion Tour, Black Eyed Peas, HBO, Nickelback and most recently the feature Marley and Me. She's currently developing a comedy feature film for which she's written the script and musical score.

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