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Driver Soaks Children at Plymouth Bus Stop

Viral (Shock)
[ 0:24 - from YouTube ]

Let me see if I've got this straight. 2 "adults" go out of their way to speed down a hill and inundate these poor kids waiting for the bus with water. When I saw this, I was speechless. Good news is that the people responsible are in trouble with the law. I think the police should make them stand at a bus stop and do the exact same thing! 

Scott Kleinberg

eGuider: Scott Kleinberg
Senior Editor for digital and print and Social Mediaologist at RedEye 

With a coffee cup always in one hand and an iPhone in the other, I’m in charge of finding the buzzworthy topics people in Chicago are talking about and finding fun ways to keep people talking. I’m also the manager of RedEye’s entire social media operation. I live in Downtown Chicago with my wife, and, because I spent 15 years in Pittsburgh before moving here, I’m unique in that I don’t root for the Cubs, White Sox or Bears. 

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