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Human Computation

Docs & Non-Fiction (Computers / Tech)
[ 11:50 - from YouTube ]

We all use CAPTCHA™ technology daily when making purchases, commenting on blogs, or setting up accounts. But were you aware that with the introduction of the new reCAPTCHA™ technology that we are now digitizing books and newspapers one word at a time? Luis von Ahn, the inventor, reveals the behind the scenes use of the service we use daily. This technology has been acquired by Google® as of  September 16, 2009.

Susan Elaine Cooper

eGuider: Susan Elaine Cooper
Social Media Enthusiast 

Susan Cooper is a social media enthusiast, business owner and consultant. She is an active participant in social media and currently handles social media marketing targeted for musicians and entertainers. In addition, Susan is VP of a family business, Ambassador for Black Card Circle Foundation and also a proud member of eGuiders. 

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