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The Spark Series

Going Live 1.0

Series Docs & Non-Fiction (Computers / Tech)
[ 6:36 - from eGuiders ]

Marc Ostrick and I continue our adventure into emerging tech with a return trip to Vegas for the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show. We're on a mission to take the lessons learned from our previous outings at Blog World Expo, The Twitter Conference, and The TWiT Cottage and apply them to actually building a live streaming HD studio with Robert Scoble. Robert, Marc and I have been monitoring the increasing approach to the horizon point of ubiquitous media delivery systems. It won't be long until the line between web and traditional media is greatly blurred. We will soon be watching web content in HD through an abundance of low cost options like Boxee. CES is a complete sensory overscan, but we remained focus in our search for the products and tech that would be the right fit for a live HD streaming studio, built on a budget.

Michael Sean Wright

eGuider: Michael Sean Wright
Founder of nicefishfilms

Frequent quoter of big ideas including Hermann Hesse's 1936 poem Hours in the Garden - "I hear music and see men of the past and future. I see wise men and poets and scholars and artists harmoniously building the hundred-gated cathedral of Mind."

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