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I'd Rather be Naked... Good Deeds (by Carly Craig)

Comedy (Broad), Music (Music Videos)
[ 2:12 - from YouTube ]

Carly Craig is a very cool, talented and attractive actress. You might know her from her role in Role Models (she was Seann William Scott's girlfriend). You might even know her from the Goodnight Burbank: Breaking News web series she co-starred in. What you might not know is that she writes and sings some fantastically funny and absurdly dark songs. Her latest, "I'd Rather Be Naked" features her stripping down to her birthday suit and singing about the environment - so how can you go wrong? We want more, Carly! 

Hayden Black

eGuider: Hayden Black
Writer, Producer, Actor 

Hayden Black is the prolific writer/producer/star of a number of huge online hits - including Goodnight Burbank and its spin off "The Goodnight Burbank: Hollywood Report"; the groundbreaking "Abigail's Teen Diary"; and the comedy/horror series "The Occulterers", all produced via his successful new media production company Evil Global Corp. He's racked up multiple awards and nominations (iTunes Best Podcasts '06 & '07, Best Comedy Webby '08), and stellar reviews in the mainstream press ("A web sensation" - The LA Times, "Black runs circles around the competition" - Wall Street Journal). Coming soon is the sci-fi comedy musical "The Cabonauts" co-starring Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols and a host of other iconic sci-fi names from TV and Movies.  Follow @HaydenBlack on Twitter.

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