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Telephone - Lady Gaga (harp acoustic cover by Lucinda Belle)

Music (Live)
[ 3:32 - from YouTube ]

I first saw Lucinda Belle on the Trevor Horn's Prince's Trust concert DVD (a stunning show comprising many #1 acts he's produced). She was performing as backup singer and harpist. Here she is playing a down & flirty acoustic harp version of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" accompanied by a guitarist and her gorgeous voice. Likened to Norah Jones, Joanna Newsom & Kate Bush, Lucinda's about to release her first album that you can find on Amazon. 

Hayden Black

eGuider: Hayden Black
Writer, Producer, Actor 

Hayden Black is the prolific writer/producer/star of a number of huge online hits - including Goodnight Burbank and its spin off "The Goodnight Burbank: Hollywood Report"; the groundbreaking "Abigail's Teen Diary"; and the comedy/horror series "The Occulterers", all produced via his successful new media production company Evil Global Corp. He's racked up multiple awards and nominations (iTunes Best Podcasts '06 & '07, Best Comedy Webby '08), and stellar reviews in the mainstream press ("A web sensation" - The LA Times, "Black runs circles around the competition" - Wall Street Journal). Coming soon is the sci-fi comedy musical "The Cabonauts" co-starring Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols and a host of other iconic sci-fi names from TV and Movies.  Follow @HaydenBlack on Twitter.

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