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NFL Fantasy Files

Docs & Non-Fiction (Sports), Other Gems (Branded Entertainment)
[ 2:36 - from YouTube ]
This video is part of our SuperBowl Roundup Spotlight

I know its not real but none the less its great fun to watch. Finally some innovative and creative use of CGI.

Jon Cassar

eGuider: Jon Cassar
Executive Producer & Director, 24

Jon Cassar is a director and executive producer of the hit television series "24," as well a number of other film-related works. In 2006, he won 2 Emmy Awards for his work on "24," as a director and producer. In 2007, Jon won a DGA award for the acclaimed series as well. He is the co-founder of the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance, which hosts an annual charity auction, "Lights, Camera, Auction". Jon enjoys sharing his passion for photography, which can be seen on his blog.

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