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Pat Robertson Calls Quake 'Blessing in Disguise'

Comedy (Unintentionally Funny), Docs & Non-Fiction (News), Other Gems (TV Clip), Viral (Shock)
[ 1:39 - from YouTube ]

If you are not aware of this absurd controversy, you can now get caught up!  Pat Robertson glibly speaks about the opportunity to rebuild the demolished Haiti, and ends up confirming that Haitians and French made a pact with Satan years ago, and that is why all these bad things happen to Haiti.  Rather than recoil in the horror that has embraced a backlash bigger than Conan O'Brien's diss, watch this clip for the reactions of the people Pat is talking to: they look freaked out, trying to put their best possible face on!  Rather than dwell on Robertson's racial and religious demagogue moves, I really just have to point out: How does Pat Robertson know for a fact the history of what the Devil has been up to over in countries he's never seen?

John Wellington Ennis

eGuider: John Wellington Ennis
Filmmaker, FREE FOR ALL!

John Wellington Ennis is a documentary filmmaker looking to mix the funny with the message. His films have explored election fraud, the pharmaceutical industry, and why Rudy Giuliani has so many issues. Soon to be released is his feature comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wild Girls Gone, starring Amy Poehler in a small-town political satire. Ennis blogs on politics, documentaries, and comedy at

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