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The Best of "California On" with Kassem G

Comedy (Broad), Docs & Non-Fiction (Reality), Viral (Shock)
[ 5:20 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

Join the awkward tension of Kassem G interviewing and chastising strangers on the streets of California. He shows us that he's had his "embarrassed" gene surgically removed. This is the "best of" from a series of "California On" interviews. 

Kevin "Nalts" Nalty

eGuider: Kevin "Nalts" Nalty
YouTube Personality and Career Marketer

Kevin H. Nalty is the only popular YouTube personality who is also a career marketer. He is one of the most-viewed and most-subscribed comedians on YouTube, and has created more than 800 videos seen more than 100 million times (approximately 250,000 views daily). He was a Product Director at Merck and spent five years leading innovative marketing at Johnson & Johnson. Nalty now consults in the areas of online video and social media marketing as Nalts Consulting, LLC.

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