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Vacationing in Afghanistan

Docs & Non-Fiction (Cultural, Politics, Travel)
[ 9:42 - from YouTube ]

This is a simple travel video, except it takes us to one of the most distant and fragile places in the world. Aaron Rockett and John Monte travel to Afghanistan in 2006 to film the first democratic elections since the Taleban had taken power, then their travels through the country, including the highlight: the valley of Bamiyan, where the 1000 year old giant Buddha statues stood before their destruction by the Taleban. With the war in Afghanistan flaring up again, this portrait shows us a beautiful but fragile land not regularly seen on your TV. 

Aaron Walker

eGuider: Aaron Walker

Aaron is currently working toward his masters in film at Columbia, while traveling the world in search of great stories and great fun. Aaron was born in the windswept plains of Wyoming, and has worked as an editor in documentary film.

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