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eGuiders Holiday Favorites

Have a couple minutes to spare this holiday season? Take a break from the mall crowds, the Christmas music that has become the soundtrack to your December, and your dysfunctional family - it's time to take the edge off with a few clips that can either make you laugh or help you balance out the holiday cheer with a cynical twist on all things Santa-related. eGuiders is about to put a different kind of joy in your stocking, and we don't even need access to your chimney.

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa view now
Scott Kleinberg

Guest eGuider: Scott Kleinberg
Senior Editor for digital and print and Social Mediaologist at RedEye 

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa

Comedy (Spoof), Drama & Genre (Suspense), Viral (Mashup)
[1:57, from YouTube]

A little Christmas, a little 24, and a whole lot of fun. If Jack gets coal in his stocking, we'll know why.