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Remembering Michael Jackson, King Of Pop

Remembering Michael Jackson, King Of Pop

Videos that remember and celebrate Michael Jackson, icon and pop superstar.

Michael Jackson - We are the world in studio HQ view now
Julian Camilo Pozzi

Playwright / Video Producer: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Michael Jackson - We are the world in studio HQ

Music (Live)
[10:09, from YouTube]

People often focus on Michael Jackson's talent, but it was his incredible hard work that got him to the top (and may have lead to his untimely death).  He was working since he was a toddler in Gary, Indiana pushed by his abusive father to be a perfect performer or else endure terrible beatings. This a revealing behind-the-scenes" view of Michael working to get the recording right of his signature effort in the eighties, the Africa Aid concerts and song, that made him a beloved international star. Here you can see Michael alone in a recording studio patiently working to get the song right. It's a nice intimate portrait of the working man that was truly the foundation of Michael's success. And the sunglasses...