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Star Wars: Reinterpreted

Since its theatrical release in 1977, Star Wars has captivated audiences worldwide. The trilogy is as popular today with dedicated fans as it ever was, and the Internet has become a forum for people to showcase their own takes on the classic films. Here are some of our favorite videos inspired by Star Wars.

Vader Sessions view now
Ryan Dean

Guest eGuider: Ryan Dean
Associate Producer, Chocolate News

Vader Sessions

Comedy (Spoof), Viral (Dubbed Over)
[9:26, from YouTube]

Fanboy alert! This is what happens when a lonely Final-Cut-Pro-savvy-Han-Solo-worshipper has too much time on his hands - you get the brilliant "Vader Sessions." Sometimes there is nothing like a good lip-sync, especially when it involves one of America's most celebrated actors and his casting as a 6'6" cyborg. We all know Vader, but some of us may not know that he has the same insecurities that we all harbor. Please note: one instance of the "n-word" and liberal use of Billy Joel.