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Beauty and the Beast Misc. Animation

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Other Gems (Behind the Scenes)
[ 4:56 - from YouTube ]

Do you know how a traditional 2D animation film is made?  In this featurette you can see how difficult is to create simple character action, which often takes a couple days to finish two seconds of film or weeks to finish a single scene.  If you like Disney classics, or animation in general, you'll love this video.

Luis López

eGuider: Luis López
Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Animator / Blogger 

Luis Lopez is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Animator from Colombia who has been working as a freelancer for more than five years in the design field; he also works as an expert in SEO and marketing stragtegies for small and medium companies.  Luis is based in Paris, France where he's finishing the last year of a Masters program in Animation and Special Effects (majoring in Motion); he also runs a design blog to share his knowledge and passion for design and animation. Luis is starting his own creative company - Creadictos - in his native country.  His life is creating, designing, and animating.

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