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Drama & Genre (Suspense)
[ 14:13 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language NSFW

This story of a disaffected and voyeuristic teen would be unbearably pretentious if not for the detached honesty, calm narration and, let's be honest, Australian accents. The sound design is particularly noteworthy, as are the ways that director David Michod de-eroticizes sexuality. Best appreciated by alienated youths, fans of Gus Van Sant, nymphomaniacs, and those who are all three. 

Chris Brenner

eGuider: Chris Brenner
Post Production Point Man, Border Patrol, Scarecrow

A recent MFA graduate from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Chris spends his days editing, sound designing and wondering why he doesn't get paid more. He has done post work on national commercials for Nestle and Heineken, as well as Ivan Reitman's web series "Border Patrol" and the Academy Award winning short "A Day's Work". 

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