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Webisode 3

Series Drama & Genre (Romance, Suspense)
[ 3:30 - from LOL Series ]
Adult Language

A dark, teen-drama series featuring adolescent awkwardness, navigating drugs and sex, a worried Mom, all written with realism and sophistication. An early hint at a future crime commited against Keely sets up some good suspense. It's well shot and acted, and young actress Nicola Mahoney draws you in with her subtle but brooding performance. The episodes are so short it feels a bit like an eternal cliffhanger. 

Varlo Vanore

eGuider: Varlo Vanore
Writer, Musician

Varlo Vanore is a writer, musician and tech geek. She geeks out in Hollywood doing post-production and special effects for music videos, films and DVDs. Her clients include Mariah Carey, The Police Reunion Tour, Black Eyed Peas, HBO, Nickelback and most recently the feature Marley and Me. She's currently developing a comedy feature film for which she's written the script and musical score.

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