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How To Get The IT Department To Do Their Actual Job

Animation, Comedy (Broad), Docs & Non-Fiction (How-To)
[ 2:49 - from YouTube ]

Computers are complex systems, and like anything complex system, they often need attention.  Unfortunately, many of us are incapable of fixing a broken work computer, and that's when the IT department has to step in.  What makes this crisis even worse is that IT departments are typically comprised of snarky computer geeks who spend their days playing World of Warcraft and reading sci-fi novels.  This entertaining clip offers steps you can take to ensure that you'll be at the front of the line next time your computer crashes.  You only have a 50% chance of getting the first step right, but you should be able to handle the rest...

Brian Rothe

eGuider: Brian Rothe
Director of Content, eGuiders

Recent west coast transplant and production expert.

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