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Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves

Docs & Non-Fiction (Health, Religion / Spirituality, Science)
[ 10:10 - from YouTube ]

Ken Wilber, the highly prolific spiritual philosopher, narrates over a home video where he demonstrates his ability to enter four different meditative states - nirvikalpa closed eyes, nirvikalpa open eyes, sahaj, and mantra-savikalpa. Each meditative state is shown to have distinctive brain-wave patterns on an EEG machine. It's very cool and kind of freaky to watch someone's brainwaves change at will and cease altogether.

Julian Camilo Pozzi

eGuider: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Julian Camilo Pozzi is producing traditional and new media projects that strive to combine compelling entertainment with pressing social concerns. He is interested in supporting and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

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