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NASA Finds Antarctic Shrimp

Docs & Non-Fiction (Nature, Science), Viral (Animals)
[ 2:14 - from YouTube ]

Feed your inner nerd with this fascinating NASA video, the star of which is an arctic shrimp. No one appears to have told the little guy that it’s entirely too cold and dark to be alive in such an environment, so he does a few lazy circles around the ice probe just to show that 600 feet below the West Antarctic ice sheet works fine for him. The finding bodes well for planetary exploration teams that would like to send a robotic probe to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to see if a watery ocean near its core harbors similar life forms.

William D. Colella

eGuider: William D. Colella
Writer, Web Producer

Bill Colella is an award-winning screenwriter and a former interactive content writer at Tandberg Television. With deep roots in the dot com industry, his focus is on the intersection of traditional and new media entertainment. He is actively developing a number of film and web series projects.

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