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Mark Bittman: What's Wrong With What We Eat?

Docs & Non-Fiction (Eco / Green, Food / Cooking, Science)
[ 20:08 - from TED ]

The average American eats roughly half a pound of meat per day. Guess how much you need to eat? Half a pound per week. Mark Bittman, a New York Times food writer, lays out the current state of food consumption. In doing so he argues that eating less meat will not only make us healthier, but help cut greenhouse emissions significantly. No matter what your food preference, this one is worth watching.

Drew Blatman

eGuider: Drew Blatman
Filmmaker, Sunset Television

Drew is a writer, director, cinematographer, and co-creator of Sunset Television, a new online comedy show. He is currently pursuing his MFA in filmmaking at Columbia University.

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