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Shock Doctrine

Docs & Non-Fiction (Politics)
[ 6:47 - from YouTube ]

If you’re like me, you may be wondering how the fat cats make off with the millions, while you’re stuck with a swindled 401k, dwindling savings, measly health care, and a splitting headache. Populist author Naomi Klein (No Logo) and filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron send us a short web-film to go with Ms. Klein’s new book and apply the electrodes where it matters. So check out the “Shock Doctrine,” then shake off the tremors do something about it.

Aaron Walker

eGuider: Aaron Walker

Aaron is currently working toward his masters in film at Columbia, while traveling the world in search of great stories and great fun. Aaron was born in the windswept plains of Wyoming, and has worked as an editor in documentary film.

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