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Sophomore Spring 2010

Docs & Non-Fiction (Cultural, Fashion, Reality), Other Gems (Branded Entertainment)
[ 11:17 - from Vimeo ]
Adult Language

This short is really engaging and fun. Everyone is so comfortable in front of the camera with very 'real' NY personalities. On top of that, it is beautifully stylized integrating seemlessly the fact that this is more than just a short film. It's branded content. But it is so well done. It's more than branded content. It's talented filmmaking.

Jessica Kantor

eGuider: Jessica Kantor
Founder and CEO of FilmNewsBriefs 

Jessica Kantor started her career in film and TV working at Sony Pictures Entertainment, at the ABC TV show "Six Degrees," and The Weinstein Company. While at The Weinstein Company, Jessica transitioned into emerging technologies, where she researched and recommended new platforms to promote, distribute, and interact with professional content. Shortly after Jessica launched the widely read daily newsletter and website FilmNewsBriefs. With a readership of top Hollywood executives, producers, entertainment lawyers, and influential filmmakers, FilmNewsBriefs reports on traditional entertainment news, new media, interviews industry innovators and spotlights emerging filmmakers.  

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