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The Cat Piano

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Drama & Genre (Mystery)
[ 8:32 - from Vimeo ]

The Cat Piano is a legend about the best symphony instrument anyone could ever create. But when strange things start happening in this calm city where music is king, myth could become reality. That's the idea behind this traditional animation made by the award-winning Australian studio PRA. I won't be surprised if this short makes it to the Oscars.

Luis López

eGuider: Luis López
Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Animator / Blogger 

Luis Lopez is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Animator from Colombia who has been working as a freelancer for more than five years in the design field; he also works as an expert in SEO and marketing stragtegies for small and medium companies.  Luis is based in Paris, France where he's finishing the last year of a Masters program in Animation and Special Effects (majoring in Motion); he also runs a design blog to share his knowledge and passion for design and animation. Luis is starting his own creative company - Creadictos - in his native country.  His life is creating, designing, and animating.

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