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The Drift

Animation (Experimental), Drama & Genre (Sci-Fi)
[ 8:36 - from YouTube ]

The Drift is a unique application of web video that complements a short story narrative. Images gathered from secondhand bookstores and flea markets from the days of the space race illustrate the tale, which captures the heady ideology of the late 1960s and how genuine ambition is sometimes replaced by the need for the safe and secure. Director Kelly Sears creates an impressive video using uncommon resources.

William D. Colella

eGuider: William D. Colella
Writer, Web Producer

Bill Colella is an award-winning screenwriter and a former interactive content writer at Tandberg Television. With deep roots in the dot com industry, his focus is on the intersection of traditional and new media entertainment. He is actively developing a number of film and web series projects.

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