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Are You a Hipster?

Docs & Non-Fiction (Art & Entertainment, Cultural, Vlog / Webcam)
[ 4:37 - from PBS IdeaChannel ]

When you think of PBS you probably think of kids television programming or news and serious talk shows with an aesthetic so dated, you just assume their target audience is anyone not too concerned about curating their taste in TV with any modern sensibilities in mind. So it may seem a little jarring but incredibly exciting that PBS’ programming extension, PBSIdeaChannel, is delving into solving burning questions in pop culture with a more youthful and comedic approach. Like their other consistently insightful and well argued shorts, this video in particular makes the case for why the often looked down upon hipster exists in our society. But with the noticeably hip vinyl album covers from Arcade Fire and Television in the background, you can’t help but wonder if this is a sly attempt for post-makeover PBS to save face.  

Brittany Marion Patch

eGuider: Brittany Marion Patch
 Columbia University eGuider

Brittany Marion Patch is a dramaturg residing in New York City. She has previously worked as a dramaturg at the San Francisco Mime Troupe and as a production assistant at Leopard Films, Inc. She enjoys working with narrative based art forms across disciplines, developing ideas for theatre, television and new media. She maintains the travel blog, The Small Window, when she can. 

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