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Avatar Review

Part 1 of 2

Series Comedy (Dry), Docs & Non-Fiction (Art & Entertainment)
[ 9:56 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language NSFW

The mysterious critic from Red Letter Media who took 70 minutes -- BTW, the exact length of POTUS' first SOTU -- to beat the daylights out of "Star Wars -- Episode 1: The Phantom Menace," takes only 18 minutes over two videos to slice, dice, julienne and puree James Cameron's CGI megahit (and while he's at it, he gives Cameron a pretty good stir-fry). Best thing about part one, "Disney Eyes."

Kate O'Hare

eGuider: Kate O'Hare
Feature Writer/Columnist at Tribune Media Services

Kate has more than a decade of experience covering all aspects of the TV industry - and new media - in nationally syndicated feature stories and columns, both for print and online. She's logged many days on sets and locations throughout North America and spent thousands of hours interviewing actors, directors, producers and executives. Kate's goal is to see more and learn more as the industry transitions into the digital age.

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