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Graffiti - Pfizer Commercial

Other Gems (Advertisements)
[ 1:31 - from YouTube ]

I am not one who usually promotes drug company ads, but this one is brilliant. Often the best stories, commercial, or reports turn the world upside down – they take something you thought you knew and turn it into something completely different. This ad starts with a fairly sinister back alley graffiti artist and transforms into a beautiful and emotional push for compassion, bravery and love. 

Margot Adler

eGuider: Margot Adler
NPR correspondent, Morning Edition & All Things Considered

Margot Adler specializes in in-depth features that explore the interface between culture, politics and technology. She is also one of NPR’s two New York Correspondents, covering the human and political dramas of that city. Adler was also one of the first people to interview J.K Rowling and to chart the Potter phenomenon. She is the author of Drawing Down the Moon, the classic study of contemporary Paganism, goddess worship and witchcraft, and has also written a political memoir of the 1960’s and 70s, Heretic’s Heart.

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