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Welcome to Mississauga

Comedy (Politics), Docs & Non-Fiction (Politics, Profiles)
[ 6:32 - from YouTube ]
This video is part of our Journalists Give Us The Scoop On Their Favorite Online Videos Spotlight

Welcome to Mississauga.  This humorous video tells the story of Hazel McCallion, an elderly 88 year old lady with amazingly intense and young energy - and she just happens to be the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, the sixth largest city in Canada. Rick Mercer is a CBC reporter who does this fairly comical report.  Hurricane Hazel, as she is called, is the longest serving mayor in Canada (31 years), and has won every mayoral election since 1978. She doesn’t even campaign anymore. She has a 92% approval rating and her city has no debt. In this video, we see her playing hockey, bowling, and riding a stationary bike, with a reporter who can’t keep up with her. When asked what she hasn’t done, she says “star in a music video” and Mercer helps her create one. The moral:  youth is as much a state of mind as a condition of one’s body. 

Margot Adler

eGuider: Margot Adler
NPR correspondent, Morning Edition & All Things Considered

Margot Adler specializes in in-depth features that explore the interface between culture, politics and technology. She is also one of NPR’s two New York Correspondents, covering the human and political dramas of that city. Adler was also one of the first people to interview J.K Rowling and to chart the Potter phenomenon. She is the author of Drawing Down the Moon, the classic study of contemporary Paganism, goddess worship and witchcraft, and has also written a political memoir of the 1960’s and 70s, Heretic’s Heart.

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