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La Praline

Drama & Genre (Suspense)
[ 14:07 - from Vimeo ]

Le Marchal is a passionate chocolate factory worker, a dreamer whose sole joy in life is the creation of delicious chocolates. His life is turned upside down when the company fires him as a result of plunging stocks.  At this time of great strife, his fantasies are all he has to hold on to.

Ian B. Wile

eGuider: Ian B. Wile
Executive Producer / Partner at Rogue Post

Ian B. Wile established Rogue Post NYC in 2003 as a bleeding-edge post facility to bring new tools to the independent film community. In that short time, Rogue has established itself as a premiere facility, not just for post-production, but for script-to-screen vision and production expertise. Ian has been involved with projects that have traveled the world and represent media including film, television, reality TV, new media, animation, and even life size holograms! Most recently, Ian & Rogue have widened its mission, taking on producer roles in several pictures, including: Frost (Slamdance 2007), Sordid Things (in Post), and Boarding House (in development), as well as Gospel Hill (Fox Searchlight).

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Brilliant video pick, Ian. Love this video!

marc_ostrick  |  Sun. Apr. 12, 2009 11:57 AM  | 
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