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Houdini Rope Escape

Docs & Non-Fiction (Cultural), Viral (Stunts, Time Capsule)
[ 1:10 - from YouTube ]

As a child, I had lots of fears about being trapped. Harry Houdini became a childhood idol of mine after I did a book report on him in fourth grade. I really thought it essential to learn how to get out of a straightjacket or a locked coffin underwater. Although I still don't know how to do it (it involves, it seems, a lot of wiggling) here's a little gem of a clip showing the real Houdini doing one of his escape artist tricks.  

Julian Camilo Pozzi

eGuider: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Julian Camilo Pozzi is producing traditional and new media projects that strive to combine compelling entertainment with pressing social concerns. He is interested in supporting and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

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