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Sesame Street: Celebrity Lullabies

Comedy (Broad), Music (Music Videos), Other Gems (TV Clip)
[ 3:04 - from YouTube ]

Ricky Gervais makes another appearance on Sesame Street, this time to serenade Elmo to sleep. Ricky touts some impressive chops, actually, even if his voice does indeed match the pitch and intonation of Elmo from time to time. And remember, this video was brought to you by the letter N.

William D. Colella

eGuider: William D. Colella
Writer, Web Producer

Bill Colella is an award-winning screenwriter and a former interactive content writer at Tandberg Television. With deep roots in the dot com industry, his focus is on the intersection of traditional and new media entertainment. He is actively developing a number of film and web series projects.

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