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Reel Geezers

Slumdog Millionaire

Series Docs & Non-Fiction (Profiles)
[ 7:48 - from YouTube ]

To quote the Los Angeles Times: " Marcia and Lorenzo are real cool geezers." Marcia is 81 and Lorenzo is 84. She is an agent and long time film producer, he is a top screenwriter from the 1970's, and together they review the latest films. Mostly they have their own POV and once in a blue moon they agree about a film. They are funny, hip, and very smart.

Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (team)

eGuider: Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (team)
Iconic Comedy Duo

Married in 1953, Jerry and Anne later became members of The Compass Players, an improvisational team that evolved into Second City. On their own they began touring together on the national club circuit while giving new and inventive meaning to the term "spousal comedy." As part of the stellar husband-and-wife comedy team "Stiller & Meara," Jerry and Anne were on top of the comedy game in the 1960s, a steady and hilarious presence on TV variety, notably The Ed Sullivan Show, on which they appeared 36 times. After well over a decade of fame together, they decided to pursue individual success and both found it. Anne Meara continues to work on stage, television and film. Jerry's career was revitalized in the role of the raucous, gasket-blowing Frank Costanza on the sitcom classic Seinfeld. Jerry and Anne continued to work on the hit series King of Queens.

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what a great find. they're terrific.

wscribbler  |  Thu. Mar. 5, 2009 1:01 PM  | 
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